Tamiya Side Cutter vs Gundam Planet Nippers

Tamiya Side Cutter vs Gundam Planet Nippers

My old no-brand nippers are starting to get a bit dull. I’ve looked online for a good replacement but there's not that many reviews of nippers in English. I thought of ordering a few and making a review post on this blog, but I unfortunately never got around to it. Reddit user signint posted comparison of Tamiya Sharp Pointed Side Cutter and Gundam Planet Single-Edged Blade Nippers. Signint gave me the permission to use his comparison pictures for this blog post.

Tamiya Sharp Pointed Side Cutters and Gundam Planet Single-Edged Blade Nippers

As seen in the above picture, both tools look similar and are about the same size. No big surprises here, let's have a closer look.

Gundam Planet Nippers and Tamiya Side Cutters close up

Here you start to see some difference. The Gundam Planet Nippers have a wider bottom part with more round shape. The Tamiya cutters are more symmetrical. Gundam Planet Nippers and Tamiya Side Cutters profile

From this top down view you can see the asymmetry even more clearly. This is because the Gundam Planet Nippers are single-edged. Only one side is actually doing the cutting.


Cutting results with fast cut

Here is a close up of the cutting results if you cut the plastic fast, meaning you put more force to it. When you're cutting plastic, a certain part of the cut always breaks or snaps. This leaves behind the white cut mark. When your tool starts to get dull, you will start noticing more and more of it. This is because you need to use more force with a dull tool than with a sharp tool.

Cutting results with slow cut

Cutting slowly with Gundam Planet Nippers leaves little to no white marks into the cut.

Conclusion - Nippers or Side cutters?

I think it's pretty clear from these pictures to see which one is the best nipper for Gunpla. With the Gundam Planet Nippers you'll spend less time sanding and cleaning up your model. The downside of having a single blade doing all the cutting might be that it gets dull twice as fast. A good compromise might be to use side cutters to cut the parts away from the sprue, and then use the nippers to clean it up.

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